Friday, January 20, 2012

Sherman's Southern Sympathies – Comment - NY Times

Abraham Lincoln, though he fought in the Blackhawk War is considered by many historians to be no great military general and had relied on the inexperienced. One thing I read was that Sherman changed the nature of "war" i.e., against property rather than people. One property he did not (perhaps) find, was the large powder mill about 30 miles outside Atlanta, erected from London, England Crystal Palace brochures, by a Hudson River foundry owner, perhaps tired of the contracts that all went to the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, New York across the river from the US Military Academy. It's where the patented R.P. Parrott rifled cannons were cast (6-pdr to 300-pdr) and figured significantly in range and destruction in the civil war. West Point Foundry is also cited as the first site of a "labor action" in a Federal facility, perhaps "federalized" once the war was declared said to have been run with clandestine iron-workers from Great Britain. It's currently been archaeologically investigated, in part over NIKE missile battery contaminants, i.e., nickel, cadmium, in Foundry Cove next to Constitution Island. Civil War New York Times facebook

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