Friday, December 03, 2010

about this country, which we’re singing about - Firesign Theatre

This blog resulted from trying to keep ClipCache Plus files from disappearing off my hard-disk. In them I keep track of responses and posts I make online as reference, which I probably should have kept offline since I was “dooced” from a job for simply “having a blog” about five (5) years ago, and I had no idea was part of the terms of employment. I was on the “swing shift” in Battery Park from 3:30PM to midnight, monitoring construction excavation for the new subway cut-and-fill tunnel for the Whitehall Station and new Staten Island Ferry transfer, a once very inconvenient station, half the cars had no platform access, remedied by this new construction in part (?) with post 9/11 funds. Still can’t say why I was “dooced”. Was it comment about going “under” “The Sphere” eternally gas lit, that used to be at the WTC, or the flag wind-wrapped around the cross-spar there, the Parks Dept. put one on every flagpole in the city without consultation with the Landmarks Commission? Or the mention of ordnance in a “battery”? Or too many on the shift and the work halted when it hit an unmapped waterline? Or is it me? Please if you know, you might supply a comment. Personally, I think it was someone screwing with the MTA workers, who coincidently, went on strike after I was “dooced”.  Perhaps because I thought the wooden ladder provided wouldn’t hold me and a bucket of dirt? Or on my time, observing what I thought were Muslims arrested for praying in Battery Park, full of all sorts of “entrepreneurs”? Nearby, the Statue of Liberty, my Snapple cap said, was the first electrically lit lighthouse in the world. My grandmother was once called “Bedloe’s nanny” where she was a young nanny for its caretaker.

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  1. The most recent design of Battery Park was in part built by prisoners in the New York penal system then, mid-19th century as I recall reading an official report by the Parks Service to the City in a bound volume in Special Collections at Stony Brook University, read by happenstance a number of years ago. It also reported various animals donated by sea-captains to a "zoo" Central Park I think, "...started as a menagerie in the 1860s" (Wikipedia)