Thursday, March 15, 2007

City Hall Park Throws Off Its Chains - the Voice

Archaeology there was seen perhaps as the last assembly of people, as the new fence went up in 1999 and the security apparatus installed in the ground encountered the former "First Almshouse" burial ground (under the sitting statue of Horace Greeley and the Joseph Pulitzer monument, befitting as "newspaper row" was across the street. The early NY Daily News buildings were just placed on the Landmarks of NYC list, too bad it's reported most of the old newspaper presses have been removed) other burials, and the various remains from military and penal institutions on the former "Commons" to which Mayor Beekman maintained a road from the Seaport District for many years (six terms as mayor I seem to recall) and had built a road to Harlem.

Source: City Hall Park Throws Off Its Chains - the Voice

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