Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Titanic VIDEO From 1911 Is Only Known Footage In Existence

I recall being at a National Maritime Historical Society meeting in Peekskill, NY when an expedition to the RMS Titanic wreck site was recovering a large piece to study, which very dramatically slipped back beneath the sea and then recovered again later. They had left I believe from New York City, to have been the Titanic's destination to the site. More recent researches, as to the strength of metallurgy used in its constructi­on have been very interesting. There was a coal bunker fire as it left port, a somewhat fairly common occurrence in coal powered vessels, testified to at the later hearing. Further research to a similar report, place perhaps the causes of the sinking of the USS Maine in the Havana harbor, in Cuba to a coal bunker fire next to a powder magazine, a dissenting opinion once reported by military research after the USS Maine exploded and sunk. However, nothing like that happened on the RMS Titanic, the fire was extinguish­ed. I wonder though if they had stopped to put it out they might have had a different attitude in the command, maybe even getting another pair of binoculars­! Thanks for the "footage" my significant other's birthday is April 14.

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