Friday, December 10, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Funeral To Be Picketed By Westboro Baptist Church

There should be a law against it. Though certain rights are allowed under the US Constituti­on and the Bill of Rights, in my opinion, these assemblies at funerals should be regulated under a guarantee of the separation of "church and state" that is church matters not mixed into an affair of "state" and a funeral's members have a reasonable expectatio­n of privacy.

Unfortunat­ely, when I check my AP and UPI handbook on libel, there is no law against saying anything libelous after a person is deceased, they state. Libel laws apply while a person is alive apparently­. After the Peter Zenger trial, it was found that the owner of the printing press cannot be held for what is printed by a press. Interestin­gly Peter Zenger arrived from the German Palatine to Governors Island, in the NYC harbor at the age of ten. A monument to him on Governors Island, is in the form of a molded "swivel gun" on a stone monument. A federal national monument to the "freedom of the press" is at St. Paul's Church National Historic Site, Mount Vernon, NY, where a contested election on the green was held that led to Zenger's incarcerat­ion and trial, personal freedom and "free press" precedent. The bell there was cast in the same foundry as the Liberty Bell. I'd hate to see this religious hate result in gunfire. Libel laws could be revised, but privacy should be enforced.
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  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    This is an obvious statement to how our country has deteriorated throughout the years!! Those who protested and make such hateful remarks of such a strong woman will themselves burn in hell. Obviously, they have never had the experience of watching someone/ a loved one fight valiantly against a disease with no cure. It disgusts me that those so called Americans have the right to protest the final goodbye to a woman that should be seen as the epitome of strength and goodwill. Shame on those people!!!