Monday, July 04, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Dressing Up The 4th

"I remember searching in graduate school in Anthropology at Stony Brook University for media studies. I had been involved in them at Buffalo University, in Gerald O'Grady's 'Media Center', (in-part w/ Federal funding off-campus, a community center) studying TV commercials, experimental film analysis, (literally how experiments are portrayed in film) and film-making and theory through the English Dept. with Paul Sharits, an experimental film-maker and artist who has a theater named after him at in Buffalo, NY now. Anyway, I was surprised by the lack of studies about the effects of 'shots' on children, and this photo reminds me of one that showed a greater effect on children when the adult is filmed from below, an effect of towering over I suppose. I would hope further studies are or have been done. This photo makes the President's hand look larger than his head, which may be prophetic, but then my eyes have been through a lot of close-range photogrammetry."

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