Sunday, July 03, 2005

Howard Dean over at BAGnewsNotes

When I was a small kid, my brother and I once posed in a roasting pan, me in front with an apple in my mouth. I heard they showed it on the TV's "Sandy Becker Show" while I was in St. Rita's School, in the poorest parish in NYC, around the corner from where Mother Teresa and Princess Diana once met. The TV "Dean deal" is weird, the S. Carolina Republicans have been having a Howard Dean sound-bite contest, and much of it seems caused by the "media is the message" rather than a message in the media. As a NYer, I find "Wired" has been prophetic, citing a new "aural" fixation arising out of new technology. As one who watched his cousin edit then produce news for NBC in NY then cover the 1976 conventions of both parties for CBS, his eulogy read in the UN Chapel by Edwin Newman, and having a CBS investigative reporter as a high school schoolmate (he also once at ABC and NBC in NY) I find the TV sound-bite problem seriously indicative of a pettiness that Republicans should do without, yet can't seem to get over their self-appointed charges of asking all of us to "get over it" in the same breath dragging any serious debate into "dead air" and chauvinism.

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