Saturday, July 02, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Shooting Rhinos

In the study of the evolution of the state, various terms have come to mean different things at different times in social sciences. The "client" is a well known one, a metaphor almost, for patron/client relations, which stretch from DaVinci to the "wedge" one needs to get in the door in Portugal (cunha). "An Army of One" which promises you can "Be All That You Can Be" also appears to assure a "client" one at a time. The least the Pent-a-gone and put "taxus taxus" shrubs around itself can do is offer more money for its troops who serve in foreign "surfin' safaris" (expeditionary forces as did General Schwartzkopf's father did in Iran, putting the first Shah in power) to pay them more for their risk. People should remember there was a movement to unionize US troops in Vietnam that had strong voices behind it. Anyway, that's what I see in the Rhino-Rorschach this ad seems to be, having been taken apart by "market-makers" myself one "?" at a time. (Of course, them rhino horns have been ground up for claims of aphrodisia too, and should be saved from hunting with guns as the ad on the surface implies).

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