Saturday, July 02, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Your Turn Again: De Scent of Politics

"I was watching the end of 'Romeo and Juliet' in the Greenhouse Lounge in the West Point Clarion in Newburgh, NY and thought that the bottle of 'COND!' looked a little like the one Romeo bought, with which he poisons himself, and Juliette blows her brains out with a .45 pistol (they're over 100 years old now?) perhaps the reference is to our 'love' between rival 'gangs' (precocious Little Lord Flaunteroy's 'Dimmycats and Republicrats' was it?) that needs to be watched, i.e., how come both Powell's (Colin from 'Banana Kelly' here in the Bronx where we're from, and so's the Capitol Dome) are gone this time? Hmmmm...wild rice and pheasants..." John Mayall received an O.B.E. last week. Interesting site, Scottish Internet Radio and a track from "John Mayall and The Blues" (here) Last week I heard an interesting "Jammin'" from the British recording session of Jimi Hendrix. Interesting because on the two tracks I heard, Stevie Wonder played drums on both of them! Wow... When I was on Grand Jury duty here in the Bronx (couple of hundred cases in four weeks, mostly cops posing as actors posing as drug addicts for less than $20 buys...whew...did they cross up one Mr. Shabazz outside the projects this foreperson once lived in) someone announced they had a recording of Jimi Hendrix playing with "Eric Burden and War" the night before he died, apparently from taking sleeping pills made in Germany that looked like the ones he used to take but four times as strong according to new forensics. One of the jurors was friends with the woman guitar player in Paul Schaeffer's band on David Letterman. Jose Feliciano appeared with War and was appearing live in the hotel in the film "Fargo" I seem to re "meme" ber. Light my fire.

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