Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sent to SubArch (Underwater Archaeology)

For a number of years back starting in the 1950's, the unofficial record for a Great White Shark was about 26 feet found on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick Canada in the Bay of Fundy where my grandfather, a Canadian World War I veteran (must have been one of the youngest) and later a US Merchant Mariner after his brother, once a Master Mariner and, because he was a pilot, was captain of the "S.S.City of Atlanta" in January 1942, which left from NYC, and was at the helm when torpedoed by U-123 off Cape Hatteras, with a loss of 43, he among them. The wreck is a "hazardous one" and the records appear to be in different locations due to the magnetic anomalies off Cape Hatteras. Now Grand Manan Island has four whale-watching boats, the "right whale" nursery is nearby the island, and harbor and white-striped porpoises (Passamaquoddy "skunkwahagen") are observed. James Audubon visited the federally protected Canadian bird reserve in the Charlotte Parish. I've never heard another shark story myself from there, perhaps someone else?

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