Monday, January 23, 2012

Let Eleanor Speak for Herself -- Fix the FDR Memorial

Maybe someone would put the acrimoniou­s quote here in the comments? I recall finding out about Eleanor Roosevelt stopping in the "Old Tea Room" in Coram, NY on Long Island across the road from a grassy airfield, she once flew with one of the Tuskegee pilots for over 45 minutes causing some consternat­ion in the press. Old "Tea Rooms" were places people could go if they were in dire straights and find some comfort and perhaps a solution to some problems. This one was next to a small brick (clay from across the road) courthouse­/post office and one of Eleanor's stops on Long Island. From the 18th century it has since burned down. My brother and friends rented it for awhile. Another colleague inventoried various artifacts she received traveling in Central and South America.
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