Thursday, February 02, 2012

American Anthropological Association Takes Public Stand against Open Access

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Over 100 years ago the AAA published material on the Pennsylvania jasper quarries from which tools and projectile points were made as much as 10,000 years ago (U. of Penn.) Enough information and part was set aside for a “Jasper Park” as roads and rail came through near Allentown, PA. The research was still relevant as it was part of studies when further roadwork was proposed. This example is why the information should be available as well as the more recent work by Anna Roosevelt, PhD., on state formation in Brazil’s Amazon rain-forest I had a peripheral contact with. The relevancy of much of anthropology’s research is denied by antiquarian methods that confine it to the “dust bin” of libraries. An Open Access model might be good to try, as an experiment, nothing written in stone escapes anthropologists, it’s the clay libraries we have more trouble with.

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