Thursday, February 09, 2012

Can Alec Baldwin Crash a Plane With a Cell Phone?

Ah mathematic­s, which says there is a possibilit­y I push a book off a desk it could fall upward, though the probabilit­y is very small. I thought Mr. Baldwin was still at the American Airlines gate with the other passengers and thought they weren't going anywhere he could get a few words in. The IPO came a few days later (initial public offering) for the word game. I was told a small notebook computer, the HX-20 by Epson was told to be turned off in a flight to Belem, Brazil years ago in the 1980s by a coworker preventing interferen­ce. They also had to sign that they weren't part of some some secret prospectio­n, working for the archaeolog­ist Anna Roosevelt, PhD, on Marajo Island, the largest fresh water island in the world, in the mouth of the Amazon. Someone reading this know if they were still at the gate? Their company faces many lay-offs which may have contribute­d to the situation? Huffington Post

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