Monday, August 08, 2011

Killing Jeff Davis – Civil War - The New York Times

"Near this same spot, 57 years earlier, had occurred perhaps the most notorious episode of fratricidal bloodshed in American history." Killing Jeff Davis
I think much of the Burr-Hamilton rancor came out of the original Constitution as "framed", allowed the best man, that is with the most votes, the President and the runner-up, the Vice President, no matter what political party they had come from. It was amended. Oddly I was working in Tishomingo, Mississippi in 1979, and one of the researchers during the Bicentennial there found letters that Aaron Burr had been there along the Natchez Trace which led into the southern frontier before the widespread adoption of cotton. He had been also accused of treason, to have plotted to take a section of the country away from "We, the People" that I've read was a fabrication.

By the way its also reported that President Lincoln was at the West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY to witness the firing of the R.P. Parrott patented rifled cannon, and watched a 200 pound projectile fired at the west shore of the Hudson River. Perhaps the memory of the tragedy of the NYC foundry cast "Peacemaker" explosion and deaths aboard the USS Princeton under President Tyler still fresh (Tyler was below deck with this tragedy brought future bride, Julia Gardiner, the perished NY US Senator's daughter) when the 300 pound shell was fired President Lincoln was moved away it was related. His funeral train would one day stop there.

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