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Ronson Ship

Updates: 8/4/2011: Second Piece of Historic Ship Discovered at WTC Site Good coverage w/ slideshow

8/7/11 update: It was the late 1970s, with Ed Johanneman, MA I visited to look at a reported ship in the excavations for the foundation of WTC Building #3. We were told we couldn't, I'm not clear the reason (blasting?). It was reported there was one in one of the WTC tower excavations, 6 in the AT+T building and one is actually visible in the basement of one of the buildings in the South Street Seaport now Historic District once to be the site of the World Trade Center. Mr. Asadorian of the Queens Public Library was an avid avocation list for NYC archaeology, and the source.

Originally ~ 7/31/11:

‎"Secrets of New York" will air some my YouTube "Ronson Ship" August 9 in "Waterfront" then at NYC VOD – Twitter

Certainly. I feel a little odd since I was in charge at some point of photographing parts of the ship and the other coverage went lacking on my part, so I just as you see, have a few photos I've scanned. Another source would be Warren Reiss who with Sheli O. Smith ran the Ronson Ship excavation. You see him in one of the photos inside the ship hulk photos I 'd taken. He recently was a consultant on the WTC ship found in the excavations of the new building after the 9/11 WTC debacle.

Another source of images might be the Odyssey, Inc. ship and "treasure" salvors who paid the crew of archaeologists working on emptying out the Ronson Ship $0.25 to be in their filming. They had rented a motorized scaffold and took what I imagine to be some wonderful overhead photos and film of the effort, in the later stages, where what was once thought a buried wharf, a ship hulk used in the island filling.

Anything you might do to credit me would be fine, and of course I would look forward to seeing anything in regards to it. Canary Wharf in London was having a "similar" event, "Save the Viking wharf" in the development there as I recall. The construction project came in ahead of schedule, working as we were in winter until the first week of March in one of the last remaining parking lots now a very large office building with an extra floor, bending the zoning laws a bit in return for the archaeology, I have read in the press.

And in closing, I love your shows.

A reply:

The "Waterfront" episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, August 9th at 8:30pm on NYC Life. Below are the channel listings according to cable providers:

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