Saturday, October 09, 2010

Welcome to the candidates debate…

I read recently that the once polluted Chicago River actually flows to the lake at the very bottom and down the canal created for it to the Mississippi River. Invasive species have become more of a problem, even brought to the Supreme Court I thought I read. The St. Lawrence Seaway was opened by then President Eisenhower and Queen Elizabeth, recreated in Walter Cronkite's excellent report on its construction I saw in the visitor's center, and was constructed mostly to aid Chicago commerce. I would propose that a port be built on the New York/Canada border, there are none, where historically there had been rail-ports, and shipping there cleared of invasive species. I would hope a Senator from Illinois might propose such a project, though the Seaway Commission is administered by appointees of the sitting President. Maybe we could ask the candidates if they would?

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