Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Comment on C-4 found in the NY Marble Vault Cemetery

The two marble vault cemeteries were the first non-denominational cemeteries in the city. The one on 2nd St. near the corner of 2nd Ave. is across from the former courthouse that is the Anthology Film center an exhibit space supported by the media and others. Before the courthouse it was a Methodist church. A burial was encountered in courthouse construction and a special session of the NY State legislature was held and it was decided Dept. of Education would have jurisdiction over the remains. The records of the session were lost in a fire in the state capital legislature library.

President Monroe was buried in the marble vault, but before the Civil War transported to the Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia. There's a report that day, though he and other might have protested the move, the city stopped to show its respects for the former President procession. Eric Erickson, famous Swedish inventor, inventor of the propeller, the USS Monitor, a "stirling engine" and other things was removed back to Sweden. Other famous persons are/were in it.

The other one is on 6th street I thought. I had been involved in the research as a "satellite" burial ground for the Methodist cemetery was across Second Ave. It was moved as well as the Quaker Cemetery on nearby Houston St. near the corner of 2nd Ave. in the 19th century. The Quaker one became Prospect Park in Brooklyn.  - in  Huffington Post

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