Saturday, October 09, 2010

Newfield H.S. 1960-2010 alma mater turns 50

Class Story: Wow, we had a Marine Corps JROTC. I wrote away to find out where, during this Selective Service Draft, a new "volunteer" service, they were. One in Connecticut, the US Army, two on the West Coast, the US Navy and the US Air Force. Later in the 90s, there were 20,000 JROTC in mostly poor high schools in the U.S. Cost: $1 billion a year. (Source: Defense Monitor)

I would also later find out Selden, NY is named after the former judge and lawyer who was a "character witness" (a judicial no-no) for Susan B. Anthony when she was tried for posing as a man to vote Upstate. Is Newfield named after the historian who chronicled the over 3,000 Loyalists who left Long Island for St. John, New Brunswick rather than fight their neighbors in the American Revolution? I would not be surprised.

Comments: I've worked in public archaeology starting after a field-school in "Long Island Archaeology" in Mount Sinai Harbor, NY in 1977, taught by R. M. Gramly, PhD. Harvard U., Sherene Baugher, PhD., Stony Brook U. who became NYC's first Landmarks Preservation Archaeologist, and Margaret Gwynne, PhD., Stony Brook University faculty, her husband a former F-14 test pilot. I worked for the Dept. of Interior, on national historic sites and then for various "consultants" in the field around NYC, NJ and CT. I was in the PhD. program at Stony Brook in the early 1980s but took a practical tack on the issues, as the field and opportunity changed. I was a substitute and cleaner in Middle Country. I worked at weekend Gym Security and a Cleaner at Stony Brook University.

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