Saturday, June 19, 2010 technology & science - Experts to tunnel for Aztec rulers' tombs

I would hope it might further explain the trade in turquoise and peyote in the American Southwest where ancient turquoise mines are found. I was told there is a room outside Pueblo Bonita that had over a million pieces in it and two "Meso-American" style burials under it. A professor had a National Science Foundation grant at Stony Brook University for the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island in New York years ago for "neutron activation trace element analysis in statistical hyperspace" which would allow "signatures" of turquoise retrieved in clinal sampling, at great risk it appeared to me then by a university in Illinois, thin columns holding up ceilings, and the origin or "fake" artifacts found attributed to Aztecan art determined to be "real" or not. The method also can be used to determine the "signature" of modern materials and purity of constituents for materials research, so a large national center has been opened by a consortium of universities, which should lead to better materials, i.e., longer lasting and stronger, etc. Hyperspace was like stacking spreadsheets, invented since and finding patterns for the trace elements amounts, through the levels of data, or spreadsheets. Most desktop programs now can do that. technology & science - Experts to tunnel for Aztec rulers' tombs#comments

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