Saturday, June 19, 2010

On receiving an invitation to the NRA…

One step forward two steps back they used to say about the USSR. Now we too step back and execute people with rifles, in my opinion two steps back. 17,000 Latvian Rifles brought the Russian Revolution, and I think the Latvians also ended it, though the fodder shortage and the breakdown of "state-barter" systems had a lot to do with it. I recall 1963, JFK shot and killed and being shown pictures of the first woman given the electric chair in Cook County, Illinois, a newsman's smuggled photo and large gatherings of people for hanging in the desert West. I was in the last public hanging location in New York state Mayville, NY near Lake Chautauqua, a couple of times, this time when our governor was suggesting the death penalty for a Mr. Williams, accused of purposefully infecting underage white girls with the HIV virus. Times have changed, only one news truck with a satellite link outside the county-seat courthouse. Is this what the Supreme Court decided to bring back? Two steps?

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