Friday, June 18, 2010

Al Franken Slams Supreme Court For Dismantling Legal Protections

One of New York state's famous lawyers, and there's been a few, Lewis Henry Morgan, once posited three evolutionary stages of "state formation" 1) savagery 2) barbarism and 3) civilization. I object to a court that "looks back" onto the US Constitution and considers it anything other than 3). Those other two stages were usually led by a small circle of "supreme" people who relied on the interpreters of entrails, birds, weather, gas-induced oracles and other hooey. #comment_50901057

I used to listen to Senator Franken on "Air America" when his daughter was teaching public school in the Bronx, NY where I am and where the most recent Supreme Court justice, the Honorable Sotomayor, is from. I've even read one of his books! But these warnings he's telling us about, and it's not because I used to dig archaeology test holes around Princeton University with the grand-daughter of a co-founder of the ACLU, who is now on the Register of Professional Archaeologists, or that I sat there next to President Theodore Roosevelt's great-grand-daughter also an archaeologist at a conference in Forbes College (where one can actually get a meal on campus) at Princeton University, or my former Stony Brook U.'s professor, Elizabeth Stone is trying to help put back Iraq's (and the world's) archaeology or that I tested Fort Drum, NY back in '83 before the "mountain was sent to Mohammad" his warnings are very worrisome. I think the Supreme Court should leave the US Constitution alone or at least for PR visit "the last Federalist", Presidential candidate, our first New York US Senator and our first Ambassador to England for the new republic, fought slavery in the North, a public park in Jamaica, Queens his residence, now across from the new Family Court, the home of Rufus King, after they have the Constitution in tatters, like the Congress came to NYC for a session after 9/11/2001.  Al Franken Slams Supreme Court For Dismantling Legal Protections (VIDEO)#comment_50908716

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