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In the view of an anthropologist how would Sep 11, 2001 influence a person? - Yahoo! Answers

In the view of an anthropologist how would Sep 11, 2001 influence a person? - Yahoo! Answers

First we might consider if it was over cows, wars, pigs or witches, topics anthropologists are often concerned with and narrow it down, for "influence". In the political economy, it resulted from some ideas in order to have been completed. Take for example "Ground Zero" a term that when I asked a newsman for its origin, that is who used it not what it means, he had no source, but it came from people in charge and carried around the world by media, influencing many. The original term over Hiroshima, is a misnomer the a-bomb exploded over the ground. Depending upon one's circle of distance away from "ground zero" from those events in Japan, a differential compensation is paid for those suffering from the effects of the radiation exposure and collateral damage. No policy as far as I know has been proposed or considered for the events of 9/11/2001, particularly for NYC where it was described, i.e., "ground zero".

It seems we might consider that it is over wars, conducted overseas that we cannot stop, i.e., the opium crop in Afghanistan, as much as we would like to, without devoting a large part of our political economy to supporting idle Afghans. We once tried that to return wild Atlantic salmon to the rivers of Maine, they have such good fishing in nearby New Brunswick, Canada. We'd dammed the river, spent much on the "fish-ladders" and then paid off the fishermen of Greenland, where it's thought the little fish grow. Former head of the Dept. of Interior's idea. Didn't work. The US Air Force finally bombed the dams and maybe now Americans can fish in their own country! Unfortunately our Illinois Air Guard bombed and killed some Canadian troops in Afghanistan, apparently on some mood-altering drug, many untested (anthrax vaccine, etc.) it's said tried out in America's new "Unconventional war". That leaves out the cows, pigs and witches and puts the "wars" "casus belli" which might be misleading, perhaps the "daisy cutter" and other bombs killing any life that needs oxygen in a certain area perhaps even more the reason, in "peasant" societies the basis for plotting revenge.


Marvin Harris, "The Rise of Anthropological Theory" and "Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches" a compendium of articles.
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