Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quiero a presentarme mi poco amiga...

"I want to introduce my little friend..." Those were the days. Poco would play at the local school and Amiga computers had not been invented yet. Of course you might also think...hey...that's from "Scarface" and cocaine was not a huge friggin' problem...yet and automatic pistols and rifles weren't something one saw on the evening news. Even now I try to remember what was scary about the Poco concert? Crowd control, you sway with it and you might end up on the ground. In very tight crowds it's recommended to get into the "fetal position" and you will eventually pop up like a cork from the breathless bodies crushed together. I don't recall the rest of that advice though. Do you walk or crawl over the dead breathless victims of bad crowd control? Probably "swim" and think of Bruce Lee fighting up the different floors of the pagoda, (...called Palsang-jon, the only remaining wooden pagoda in South Korea - Wikipedia) and at the top finding Kareem Abdul-Jabar? ("The Game of Death" - 1978)

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