Monday, June 21, 2010

Surveying Wildlife in Alaska - Readers' Comments -

I read that the drilling there is non-destructive because the rigs "walk" on the tundra (NY Times mag.) We've been going through a tundra warming in Alaska, and glaciers have also melted further south. I worked in the Federal archeology of Skagway, AK, the gold-rush town about 90 miles from Juneau, without a road from there to it. It is an international port, and has a railroad, and now vehicle road into the Canadian Yukon and British Columbia. I wonder, seeing some mineral resources go overseas to Asia, pre-processed molybdenum for steel production rail-shipped out of B.C., then freighter from Skagway ("home of the north wind") if we might explore obtaining resources a little closer to home rather than mukluking in the melting tundra, as some have predicted. After all Canada is a very large country. Who'd have thought diamonds would be mined there? Surveying Wildlife in Alaska - Readers' Comments - Bronx, NY June 21st, 2010 12:33 pm

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