Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update: In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In "John Goldfarb, Please Come Home" Shirley MacLaine is Jenny Ericson a 'Strife Magazine' reporter. That was in 1965 in the imaginary Middle East kingdom of Fawzia. Notre Dame sued in New York over the use of its name. However, I've seen pictures of a woman copilot in jetliners I think from the new Saudi flight school, and perhaps there is really no reason for what might been seen as affectation and even more reason to be Katie Couric, well-known television journalist.

Huffington Post: Saudi Arabia 
-- My response to whether Katie Couric should wear a head covering and veil while reporting in Saudi Arabia on camera, May 5, 2009
John Williams, the famous film music composer from Long Island, NY is being celebrated at a blog-a-thon on Edward Copeland on Film site. I think because of the lawsuit we can only imagine what the film is like from his brilliant and funny soundtrack, available on Amazon.  It is very funny, and I recall seeing the film in the theater when it came out and enjoyed it as I enjoy Shirley MacLaine’s acting in the film arts. The film credits cite “Johnny Williams” as the music composer and the tunes are hilarious. Couldn’t we see the film? On cable? Or somewhere?  Maybe the pro-Catholic US Supreme Court could take it up the First Amendment issue over “Notre Dame” again. At least that’s what I think.

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