Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alec Baldwin: What New York Needs Now in a Governor (And It's Not Me)

A few years ago, before the hearings for John Roberts's Supreme Court hearings, we heard of terrible tragedy, his brother-in-law had crashed and died crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge, in a late model Landrover. Mr. Roberts's wife was a childhood friend of my friend in the Bronx, on Holland Ave., around the corner from where Regis Philbin grew up. Alas, now the small religious statuary factory once behind his house is also gone.

That said, consider the proposals for a new Tappan Zee Bridge: it will not just be a bridge for autos, but have lanes for dedicated commuter buses and light rail, to service Rockland County and NYC creating better mass transportation, as well as taking a step closer to what Senator Moynihan considered, a monorail on the NYS Thruway to Albany and beyond! Not that I think they should name the new bridge after SCOTUS Chief Roberts's deceased kith or kin, but as a large developer of jobs and "greener" technology, it should have a watchful eye on its "furthering" in Albany, NY where there's $ to cut trees square, I think to stop squirrel networks, but apparently "nada" when it's time for parks, recreation and historic preservation. Their bid jobs I have worked on as an archaeology technician for different small and large businesses.  Alec Baldwin: What New York Needs Now in a Governor (And It's Not Me)

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