Friday, April 16, 2010

Talking about Newsvine - Army Corps finds new WWI chemical site in DC yard

I've worked in areas requiring EOD briefing (Explosive Ordnance Disposal from the more experienced UXO - British Unexploded Ordnance) in the archaeology required by law i.e., Fort Drum, NY, West Point Military Academy (right after 9/11/01) and across the river in the former West Point Foundry in Cold Spring, NY, an EPA National Priority Superfund site where nicads were made for NIKE missiles and this is a little frightening as reported, across the street I'm given to understand from the headquarters of Homeland Security, on a former US Navy facility. Some of the first incendiary shells were made in the West Point Foundry and fired upon Charleston, South Carolina in 1863, by so-called "Swamp Angel" the gun platform design used we recovered from below the Chicago Bridge and Steel Co.'s former "Bridge Shop" which burned in 1913 on the edge of Foundry Cove, currently owned, after mitigation, by Scenic Hudson, Inc. I hope, this and other sites I have researched have or are being cleaned up and not abandoned. Newsvine - Army Corps finds new WWI chemical site in DC yard

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