Friday, April 16, 2010

Re: Imaginations Run Rampant on Governors I. - City Room Blog - NYTimes

The original part of the island is a Federal site, the larger part, to the south of Fort Jay (Fort Columbus under the US Army, where the Wright’s had the US Army Air Force’s first “top gun” school, catapult launched) is made from landfill. I worked for four days on the geoarchaeology as it was turned over. It is the last place then POTUS Reagan met Premier Gorbychev. I worry that the buildings there are not being kept-up the offer for $1 for it stretches back to then POTUS Clinton. A Coastguard groundskeeper told me, Walt Disney, missing the boat, was held AWOL in Fort Williams and that also some Confederate cannons were buried as part of the landfilling. Whatever is done there it should “blend” with the historical significance, a place I was told the plans for D-Day were once kept secretly in a safe.

Governors Island Firsts:

First Army Officer male nurse – E. L. Lyons sworn in October 6, 1955.

First Court Martial trial in the United States in which enlisted men were allowed to sit as members of the court – February 3, 1949.

- Famous First Facts: A Record of First Happenings, Discoveries and Inventions in the United States – Joseph Nathan Kane © 1973, The H.W. Wilson Co., NY, 1964.

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