Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alec Baldwin: The Truth About Nuclear Power in Utility Reactors in the Huffington Post

LILCO had decided to stay "off grid" when the large James Bay (part of Hudson Bay) hydroelectric power was wired into Upstate New York from Quebec, at the time the world's largest (the Chinese or perhaps Citibank's project(s) along the Uruguay/Brazil border even larger). Canada needs the power in the winter, we in the summer, a happy bargain. But LILCO claimed it had supply enough in the then being constructed Shoreham and to be constructed Jamesport nuclear power plants, which due to supply and other factors, skyrocketed in costs, the final "straw" as I recall the crankshaft of the backup generator cracked, and no way was it going to full power, 5% I think.

I worked back in the early 1990s on the archaeology of EPA National Priority Superfund cleanup sites in NY and NJ, one of those was in Toms River, NJ. The Ciba-Geigy site which had been contaminated with buried drums of toxic waste by a previous owner was to be mitigated by pumping out the aquifer. I did the CAD overlays for history and prehistoric potential. Toms River had recently the National Champions of the US Little League.

Once the West Point Foundry, where numerous cannons and other material was fabricated in the early years of the US leading up to the American Civil War and for a short time after, was contaminated by nickel and cadmium in the production of batteries for the NIKE missile defense systems that once ringed many cities.

The Truth About Nuclear Power in Utility Reactors

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