Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Downtown Diary: Picture Downtown

I think this map might be a copy of an older map. At the time of “contact” the Dutch named the Hudson River (other suggested names: after Maurice, Prince of Orange) the “North River” and the Delaware River the “South River” They had a military expedition to the South River to protect what it thought was its assets, from the English from Virginia and instead found an empty fort there on the river. They had been informed by an indentured servant of George Holmes, Thomas Hall, who had escaped, and informed the Dutch of the encroachment. Though he and Holmes failed at growing the promised tobacco in what became “The Village”, he was later a prominent English citizen, though dwelling outside the “Wall” and ran Isaac Allerton’s warehouse on the East River, who lived in New Haven, near the first ferry to Brooklyn (”location, location, location”) where the English did business in New Amsterdam. He’s listed as one of the city’s first firemen, in the or from the Montgomery Ward, where the early ironmongers were. I had to research the parking lot in the South Street Seaport the warehouse was once on the shore, about Pearl Street, a few blocks in from the “East” or “Sound” river today.

Picture Downtown in blog of the Alliance For Downtown New York

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