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Pretty interesting. I had some experience in outdoor survey in archaeology. We used an Epson HX-20 hooked to a Leitz infrared tacheometer back in the mid-1980s and into the 1990s then switched to a Sokkisha which became Sokkia in the co's I worked for in contract archaeology in the mostly NY/NJ area. GPS was just getting on the ground in 1993. I used close-range photogrammetry from Rollei which creates its own coords to trace 3D info from photos on a digitizing tablet, the maths supplemented with other sources, transit and maybe GPS now? Then the digital cameras started really coming. This year I was looking at the Thales with DGPS which reading here seems to be going off the air. Ironically I was using Annapolis signals instead of Alexandria standing near the airfield at Quantico (WAAS?) where the "Marine One" Sea King will someday soon make its last flight replaced with a EU consortium built helicopter assembled and serviced in New York State thanks to Senator Clinton. Having access to a large GTCO digitizing tablet allowed various overlays to be traced "onto" (into) and through trial and error attempts at "predictive" locations of historic and prehistoric resources, using the earlier versions of AutoCad (2.3? to 12) Idrisi, and Corel scans-to-vector from field drawn profiles and sections, allowed interesting map work. For example, in the testing of designed impacts of the remediation of the National Priority Superfund Marathon Battery Site for the EPA in Cold Spring NY within the former operations of the West Point Foundry and later Chicago Steel and Bridge Co. Some of the map work was from a photo of a glass mounted map digitized, and with plotted tree survey and Psion recorded magnetometer survey, allowed the recovery of R. P. Parrott's gun platform "Swamp Angel" on grillage a gun platform prototype from the filled marsh. It was used in the incendiary bombardment of Charleston, South Carolina in 1863 in the American civil war using the Parrott patented rifled cannon, hidden in the marsh, its location there still not recovered. (1989-1994)
My Page - OutdoorRugged
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