Saturday, August 01, 2009

Newsvine - NY man sentenced in college grades-for-pay scandal

My cousin's son just graduated from there. It's good that they caught this guy, it shows we're at least going to make the effort to prosecute "white-collar" crime, not just the "penny-ante". The "white collar" was invented in Troy, NY allowing the management class to wear their shirt more than one day, replacing the collar, which was bulk cleaned. The collar workers mostly women and children, working in the steam and bleach for low wages, were organized by Kate Mullaney, her house in Troy recently put on the US National Register of Historic Places. While sitting next to Susan B. Anthony she was the first woman elected to the management of a union, in Germania Hall, once on NYC's Bowery what could also be called the "oldest street in America" (Encyclopedia Americana). In 1999 I was co-researching the area and it has since been torn down, as well as the building noted feminist Kate Millet lived in and tried to stop its destruction next door to Germania Hall, as part of the Cooper Square Urban Redevelopment, once to demolish 25 square blocks of the Lower Eastside (ca. 1971).

In a new "smaller" community development effort, in what was once historically both New York City's Theater District and denominational (Quakers and Methodists) and surviving two marble vault non-denominational cemeteries, art museums and other cultural institutions have arrived to compliment what might be regarded as the oldest continually operating arts organization in the U.S., the Amato Opera, nearby the Bouwerie Theatre. CBGBs alas, did not survive there. Don't think there were any payoffs or crooks, just old-fashioned commercial use of the NYC Landmarks Commission website, with posted number and address for the apartments before there was even a review of the site, community hearings, and research, which I never heard comment on, nor received a copy of what was submitted. I did watch the public hearing on cable in the Bronx which took place after 9/11/01. 
Newsvine - NY man sentenced in college grades-for-pay scandal
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