Thursday, April 09, 2009

Why We Need the New York Times - Alec Baldwin - Huffington Post

I understand that we lost most of the old printing machines that used to flank New York's City Hall Park on "Newspaper Row". Some cities have managed to save an example for exhibit. Today the statue of Horace Greeley and the small monument to Joseph Pulitzer stand in the City Hall Park near the site of first exhibit space, a circular panorama of the city that once stood in the City Commons and the where the remains of the "First Almshouse" cemetery are. Nearby I imagine reporters would clamber for the stories coming out of City Hall.

One US Cabinet Member, a former shorthand teacher in NYC and later a president of ConEdison, George B. Cortelyou, became the first "White House Press Secretary" when he invited them in to describe the condition of President McKinley after the assassination attempt in Buffalo, NY, the Spanish-American War, etc. Some historians say he has been overlooked, holding two Cabinet posts under McKinley and Postmaster General under Theodore Roosevelt after the death of McKinley. The Cortelyou family, long time residents of Brooklyn, had an ancestor Jacques who surveyed Brooklyn for the Dutch.

It would really be a shame to lose the City's newspaper that has managed to cover so much about so many and today actually seems even more useful where one can leave comments and exchange ideas with other readers online, providing a feedback to consumers a little more satisfying than the proverbial "wrapping the fish" with it.

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