Thursday, April 09, 2009

Talking about Newsvine - An Open Question To The People Of New York........

I'm not sure, maybe it's suspicion. I worked for the environmental division of a Texas based power plant designer in the upper floors of a World Trade tower and surveyed Fort Drum, NY for the relocation of the US Army's 10th Mountain Division way back in 1983 when A-10s were using it for target practice. After 9/11 I read, across the street from where I once worked (since demolished on Trinity Place) that the power plant designer had threatened to leave and former Mayor Koch gave them rent free for three years floors 79 to the top of one of the WTC towers, according to a sad secretary's report the day after the tragedy here on-line. They left though way before 9/11/01, for New Jersey, at least that division I and my significant other worked for, that evaluated the permanent cantonment of 7000 where there had been some iron foundries and cheese factories, about 10,000 people moved off after WWII, for live-fire exercises, NY National Guard activities and US Army winter training.

My point might be that it seems perhaps in the past that often some sort of trade is made over staying in NYC by large firms with elected officials, many we might not have voted for on our 1960s voting machines. Why should they get big tax breaks, apparently free rent and what anywhere else would look like "personal" favors from civil servants. Maybe that's why, they're subject sometimes to ridicule, along with the politicians, lumped together. Wall Street moving to New Jersey? You're going to hear from people about it.

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To clarify: archaeological survey. I am not a licensed surveyor but was part of a crew of three women and three men in a Ford Bronco digging screened shovel-test units at predetermined intervals on a in-field located grid in various places to create a small sampling of the various areas of the 110,000 acres or so at Fort Drum, NY just east of Watertown, NY for archaeological resource management in the then future occupation of the facility. It was work reviewed by federal agencies and incorporated into a management plan. Out of it I heard came a five-year plan for archaeology conducted by other firms. Recently at Fort Drum a "pseudo" Iraq with archaeology sites were created to train troops to recognize their cultural resources when engaged there after misdirected occupation in "ancient" Babylon by the US Marine Corps caused damages to what we might consider civilization's heritage located on the "Fertile Crescent" between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers - Wed Apr 8, 2009 10:59 AM EDT

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