Friday, December 19, 2008

Jimi Hendrix Artistfacts

The BBC has studio recordings of Stevie Wonder playing drums with Jimi Hendrix they just released a year or so ago. He was apparently playing with Eric Burdon and War the night before he died, that some forensics research recently suggested that his sleeping pills had been switched with German ones that looked the same though were four times as powerful. I think I saw him in Woodstock, NY at a outdoor cafe in 1968, working nearby in Timber Lake Camp as a dishwasher. A friend's Mom, starting in real estate up there in the Catskills where Bob Dylan and family and the Band were staying, where the Fugs lived that summer, recalls showing a house with someone who looked like a Janis Joplin look-a-alike, and guard dogs when she surprised them showing the house to a prospective buyer. I saw the place in a documentary later about him, two little cute window dormers. He had been on the venue of an extensive tour with Pink Floyd in Great Britain I read years ago over at CompuServe. He played bass guitar on a Timothy Leary album according to one of those computer databases in a record shop. He had been in the US Army Airborne "Screaming Eagles" until after 19 jumps had twisted an ankle I read. I missed his concert at Stony Brook University.  Jimi Hendrix Artistfacts

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