Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jim Watkins Blog – WPIX-TV

Thanks for the advice. I use my blog to keep track of comments like this, because up until now any that a copied with ClipCache could disappear in a crash or attack and I want to know what I said where to someone else like ClipCache keeps track of through the Windows clipboard. I was so happy to have met you a few years ago at CBS street reporter Lou Young's birthday at his place next to the Schubert's summer place he said, he married to a former television journalist I think. We had been in high school together on Long Island, in Selden, NY which at the time we didn't know was named after the judge who was a "character witness" at Susan B. Anthony's trial Upstate New York for having posed as a man to vote, a "taboo" for a judge. No we had the beginnings of the end to the "draft" right in our public school, ca 1970, the Marine Corps JROTC, not very "PC" while the undeclared war was on and though soon to end, subject to the draft lottery for Selective Service sponsored by a NY legislator. More recently I had been researching the first "National Guard" down in the Bowery, when our Nation first met here in NYC, later again after 9/11, the second amendment guaranteed the "state militias" now known as the National Guard, recently, how I don't understand, assigned to foreign legion service, depleting some of our finest citizens perhaps.

Anyway thanks Mr. Watkins for this opportunity to say hello to Kaity Tong again. And watch those blogs, I was fired for having a blog just before the MTA strike, on the "swing shift" for the archaeology of Battery Park. But not given a reason. Maybe they thought I talk to reporters everyday!  Jim Watkins Blog – WPIX-TV

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