Thursday, December 18, 2008

Star Trek: The First Lady Of Star Trek Passes Away

This is unexpected. We had just ridden over to her house in a video shot by Gene Roddenbery's son at which was a treat. I have been on the periphery of it sometimes having a classmate and neighbor who started out illustrating the "Star Fleet Medical Reference" back in the early 1970s which also had an interesting time-line on which the story is based. I think I lent it to someone. Later, Doug Drexler, the illustrator, co-won an Academy Award for the make-up in "Dick Tracy" and has worked on a number of the sets and scenes in the Star Trek franchise (see the "Drex Files"). He just shared an Emmy for the sets I think at "Battlestar Galactica". I and them worked in the theme restaurant "Zum Zum" Bavarian fast-food, a number of years ago in the Mall, where the grapevines once lined the Moriches Road. My condolences to the family and all the people who enjoyed her hard work in entertainment. Majel Barrett Roddenberry was also on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, an important advocate and proponent for space education, exploration and research. Her son has a wonderful site on-line at at which I enjoyed a live shuttle launch on a home video. Star Trek: The First Lady Of Star Trek Passes Away

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