Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jefferson Morley: 'Denied in Full': Federal Judges Grill CIA Lawyers on JFK Secrets - Politics on The Huffington Post

Or was he trying to hit JBK? (Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy). Marvin Kittman spoke to a Marine who also tested the weapon, but whose report was left out of the W.C., who stated something like he would have to have been aiming at the President's wife to hit where the weapon hit on the range. Maybe someone turned a screw here a screw there? It's been stated Marina Oswald had become obsessed with Mrs. Kennedy, to the consternation of LHO? I was supposed to be getting a clarinet lesson from Mr. Abrams off-stage at the Wood Road School when it happened. He didn't show I went back to the classroom with my three piece rented clarinet. Young JFK lived in Riverdale in the Bronx, NYC, his dad wanted to invest in the "talkies" here until the market crashed in 1929 and they moved away.   12:08 pm on 10/23/2007

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