Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Valerie Plame Wilson: Why Military Types Should Not Run the CIA - Politics on The Huffington Post

I wish when this happened it didn't sound like the script from "Beat The Devil" (1953) directed by John Huston with Humphrey Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobridgida, Peter Lorre, and Christopher Morley from the novel by blacklisted writer James Helvick, screenplay by Truman Capote. It too was about uranium in Africa and everyone involved says they're going to there to sell vacuum cleaners (presumably with aluminum tubes) a send-up of the "Maltese Falcon" genre perhaps. I guess we should have known better. However I thought I heard this so-called letter about "yellow-cake" was from Italy. Ms. Lollobridgida, did you con these "experts"? The dates weren't even right.

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