Monday, October 22, 2007

Huntington, NY

I worked there in the British Revolutionary War era archaeology site, "Fort Golgotha" which was run by the "Queen's Ranger" Benjamin Thompson, later known as the physicist, Count Rumford. The British Army on-top of cemetery hill, were said to have been baking bread on some of the tombstones and a French observer wrote that one winter storm was so strong, the snow rolled up in rolls up the hill. It was also where Nathan Hale was brought to before he was hung in NYC, that burial location still unknown, though a statue bearing some perhaps mythological resemblance was moved to the front of City Hall recently. We recovered in a small excavation, a pin of the "QR" which I gave to Benjamin Thompson's re-enactor, a podiatrist, who was assisting our little cemetery class, to copy, and we affirmed that the fort remains had been plowed over after the war. Previously, some others had been, mistakenly, let into the cemetery to also do "archaeology". The "gifted and talented" Saturday dig for elementary school children results were reported to the State Museums by Edward Johanneman, M.A., who was employed on downstate DOT projects at Stony Brook University, reviewed by Philip Lord, for the NY State Museums.

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