Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Reply to "Artillery/Naval Guns Sites?"

At the New Windsor Cantonment, near Newburgh, NY (Newburgh is where a conspiracy to make George Washington "king" by his officers was thwarted by him, according to Senator Clinton in the press last year there reviewing re-enactors) there were cannons on exhibit, all of New York State's SHPO collection said Paul Huey of the NY Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. The cantonment was kept after the Jay Treaty just in case it was not honored and George Washington asked the troops to remain through the winter. It was just in the news as a new "Purple Heart" historical center opened, (as they were awarded there though the first awarded I read in New York City) and dedicated by then Commissioner Bernadette Castro, furniture heiress, once a Republican candidate for the US Senate who ran against Democrat Senator Patrick Moynihan. I once camped there in a pup tent between Christmas and New Years and it went to 9F. Thousands of troops and family were once there and parts of the cabins and features investigated both using "standard" archaeology and molecular archaeology. One of the cabins was actually found "off-site" and moved into the now interpretative center, according to Paul Huey, once just a campground. Anyway that's where the cannons were last I know.

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