Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Governors Island Redux

Here the very real Governors Island in New York City, which was offered to us for $1 from the former President William Clinton who now resides in Chappaqua, NY with his wife, NY State's US Senator Hillary Clinton. The fort, which I believe has no cannons, Fort Jay is named after the first US Supreme Court Justice John Jay who also drew up the treaty ending the Revolutionary War with Great Britain. I worked in the geo-archaeology of the "original" island for four days testing near the fort. There are burials from the Revolutionary era there too that no one knew about, once within sight of the World Trade Center towers I stopped at once, on an almost empty island, which it still is today, though now the "top" is controlled by the National Parks Service, the rest, made from landfilling is for the city to decide what to do with. Its former ferry captain (of the "Swivel") told me, when I met him by chance, and his Irish Wolfhound, near Miller Field on Staten Island, digging shovel test holes for an Army Corps of Engineers flood control study, that the D-Day invasion plans were kept in a safe in the small "mansion" in the NE corner of the island. Chestnuts still grow on "Nutting Island" where once the early governors of the colony of New York lived, and John Peter Zenger arrived as a child of 10 from the German Palatine, commemorated on a "swivel gun" monument on the southern end of the island. He helped establish "freedom of the press" another National Parks Service site on the green that had the election that started the trial commemorates. It's at St. Pauls Church, in Eastchester, on the border of New York City in Westchester County, with part of its graveyard in the Borough of the Bronx.

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