Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gmail - time capsules and building cornerstones

time capsules and building cornerstones Sarah Miller I'm finishing a paper on a time capsule we recovered last year and was wonder... Jul 14 Ron May Sarah, In this evolving world of Homeland Security, construction at a local s... Jul 17 Ruffino Jane Can I resurrect this post, and this request? I'm interested in references any... 4:31 am (9 hours ago) George Myers to HISTORICAL 11:33 am (2 hours ago) I just saw the site of one that was placed recently, in the Tannery Pond Community Center, a new building over the pond where once hides from all over the world (upwards of 30,000 a year) were tanned in the hamlet of North Creek, NY in the Southern Adirondacks, on the Upper Hudson River, about 40 miles from its origin in the pond, Tear of the Cloud. Hemlock was sawn into 4 foot logs and turned into a "liquor" for tanning there in the 19th century. The 4' logs were sluiced into town from high elevations. In the Community Center (across the street from the Town of Johnsburg Town Hall which is celebrating its bicentennial, 1805) is also a hemlock log with the tree rings counted back in time, it blown over in a storm. I was just there doing research for a Gore Mountain development. George Myers (They ever find the one in the US Capitol? I think they lost one in NYC City Hall too? It wasn't in the Almshouse Cemetery in City Hall Park. Though the Catholic contribution, a stone for the Washington Monument was ditched in the Potomac River by vandals.)

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