Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hudson Valley and the Catskills

Just some news today from New York's "North River" (the Delaware was once considered the "South River") from where I had breakfast with a number of National Guard troops in the Clarion before work. Stewart ANG (Army National Guard I think) Airport is next door to where big green cargo carriers fly in and out of, (George Carlin: Why when we send something by truck its a "shipment" and when we send it by ship it's "cargo"?).

Front page of the Times Herald-Record:

5 overstrike 1 overstrike 3 Casinos Coming... Pataki waffles again (page 3)

Pictures at the bottom:
Maharishi's GARDEN Guru's group buys 818 acres in Goshen for organic veggies. Overlay photo shows over the farmland, a B&W tinted sepia photo of the Maharishi (rumored to be the inspiration for "Sexy Sadie" on the Beatles "White Album") meeting with George Harrison on his right and John Lennon on his left. Inside "Peace group has big plans for Black Dirt" The photo description of "On the Cover" box states "Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Indian mystic who introduced the Beatles to Transcendental Meditation, sits with George Harrison, left, and John Lennon Dec. 18, 1967, at a UNICEF gala in Paris. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded the Global Country of World Peace, which recently purchased Black Dirt land in Goshen. The sale includes a work camp for about 300 workers. page 3 The land was sold by Gratz and Utter (Growers and Shippers of the Golden Harvest brand of onions, lettuce, greens, radishes, and carrots). "The group intends to grow organic vegetables in greenhouses and teach organic farming techniques to local and foreign students."

"Woodstock anniversary brouhaha under way" page 5.

I am going on my sixth week of work here in Orange County, working for Barry Greenhouse's "Greenhouse Consultants, Inc." on one large property next to the Talmudic study society at Kiryas Joel, NY, the other where in part West Point graduates used to have reunions, riding horses, etc., once also part of "Mama Leone's". The Talmudic society, Kiryas Joel, NY recently purchase the huge "STAR" facilities along the NY Thruway for $1000, gaining access to 300,000 gpd wells associated with the facility (unfortunately the facility is contaminated and also has a large mortgage) which would then allow them to hook up with the Catskill Aqueduct (being able to provide water if or when the public aqueduct is unavailable i.e., for repairs, etc., one of the criteria for hooking up. Sixteen miles of pipeline needed?) right here near Newburgh, NY which has been, as a result of the flooding rainstorms last month, has been pumping out the hydrants to remove discoloration, which ended yesterday.


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