Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Virtual Reality Again

Aerial photo "draped" onto landform in Woodbury, NY by World Wind 1.3.1 (NASA) near the National Register of Historic Places "Quaker Meetinghouse" I believe. At center, above the NY State Thruway, is the former Judge J.F. Barnard's "Grand View" farm currently being tested by Greenhouse Consultants and I. Small pond to the top (east) is part of the former, I am told, NYC Italian restaurant, "Mama Leone's" horse farm, also part of the planned development of "Legacy Ridge". West Point Military Academy property is to the top of the "picture" where, when I worked with Panamerican Consultants, a few years ago, we assessed Hurricane Floyd damaged areas for archaeology and a new road to the top of Bull Hill for telecommunications, near Camp Buckner. Though the toponym "Bull Hill" shows in this depiction, it is further away and a result of visualization, a flat plane of names put into a 3D view. Happens alot I imagine.  Posted by Hello

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