Thursday, May 26, 2005


It, in light of the current Supreme Court consideration of jury "tampering" by presenting defendants in shackles (as Clinton associate Susan MacDougal was shown in the press) is certainly stigmatizing. Having just came in from writing on plastic bags and survey tape with a "Sharpie" while in archaeological survey of a property where West Point graduates had their reunions, also owned by "Mama Leone's" next to their property, I am inclined to use "Marks-A-Lot" instead, less toxic. Perhaps this has gone on a lot (they are old brands) and Yippie Abbie Hoffman used to wear the F word as such on his forehead perhaps as a counter to the same procedure used in Vietnam. Better "kara" (Turkish "black") marked then dead. "Ah fah la fah ka" Soupy Sales used to sing, "I love you" they say all over Turkey.

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