Friday, May 27, 2005

BAGnewsNotes: Twice to the Pyramids

BAGnewsNotes: Twice to the Pyramids: "'Air Force Two is the air traffic control callsign of any U.S. Air Force aircraft carrying the Vice-President of the United States. Currently the Air Force Two aircraft in operation is a Boeing 757-200 (reg. 98-0002), carrying the current Vice- President Dick Cheney.' Is the 757 bigger than the 747? The F-101 Voodoo certainly was bigger, faster, and deadlier than the F-102 GWB flew, said why he had to go, six months before the end of his service for an MBA at Harvard U., the F-102 'obsolete' though I saw one Mass. Air Guard at 100 feet over the West Meadow Beach, NY one Fourth of July, so thought the F-14 test pilot, Mr. Gwynne. Maybe it's there to keep him out of the cockpit! ( Posted by: George Myers, Jr. | May 25, 2005 10:42 AM The 757 is not bigger than the 747.

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