Wednesday, March 02, 2005

NASA World Wind 1.3 Released today! Mars too!

A commercial firm in Rochester, NY, Pictometry, I think states 6 inches to a pixel providing unique aerial photography for municipalities and such. Back in 1992 or so I was using the Rolleimetric MR2 photo program then in development. It uses a non-standard camera (registration marks on glass plate the film is held up to, reseau crosses, documented painstaking "calibration" to microns and a suite of software modules) and a magnifier "puck" on a digitizing tablet to produce (with "error ellipses" within tolerances for the computed "virtual reality" constructed from some known targets and standard distance in the series of photos recorded around an object, recorded angles of the camera too, and rough sketch of locations) it was being tried for different things, Crazy Horse Monument (3D digitize the model go cut up the mountain) get the air crash from a helicopter in Gander, Newfoundland before the blizzard gets the crash site, quick record auto accidents for 3D analyses later, etc.) I am really enjoying this program, a quantum leap in visual info.

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