Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Archaeological researcher to discuss underwater finds

Archaeological researcher to discuss underwater finds I had the pleasure of working with these guys back in 1990 - 1992 on the underwater and marsh remote-sensing surveys of the West Point Foundry Cove and Cold Spring, NY waterfront, just upriver from the West Point Academy's Constitution Island (said to predate the document in name) for Grossman and Associates, along with Texas A&M people. Interesting. And: "Narrow River eyed as possible Norse site" A number of years ago, a Suffolk County Historian, (Long Island, there's one of them in Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts is in Suffolk County "too") published in its journal (ca. 1980 or so) a complimentary story (the Suffolk County Historian then was Christopher Vagts, also on the Huntington School District Board, perhaps a teacher of many years, we met researching a 17th century "Stone Fort" off Chichester Road in Huntington, NY and in "Fort Golgotha" there in the old cemetery the British Army, under a very young Benjamin Thompson (later a physicist of renown, known as "Count Rumford") had turned the "high point" of the military occupation of Long Island, the low point, when Nathan Hale was brought through there to be later hung in NYC, with only one regret, having only one life to lose for his country. A "gifted and talented" program was held for local students at those two sites, as "local history" became mandated in the public curriculum across New York State. He also had two more sites, a tavern and tanning vats, he was interested in testing. (one set of vats in New Jersey were the site of the "massacre" of Baylor's Dragoons which after excavation, was thought should be downgraded to an "atrocity" by a doctor in charge. (see "The Massacre of Baylor's Dragoons September 28 1778 Excavation of the Burial Site" Freeholder D. Bennett Mazur, Wayne M. Daniels, Museum Director, Bergen County Historical Society, Bergen County, NJ, which was given to me by Dr. Gary Corrado, a local podiatrist, who also assisting us in the small excavation, "played" Benjamin Thompson in the Bicentennial re-enactments of the occupation of Suffolk County, Long Island, NY culminating in an American victory re-enacted at the Manor St. George, in Mastic Beach, a private holding of the former fort remains (rediscovered in a drought) and grounds abutting the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge). This report discussed the possibility that in later Norse voyages, one of the "sagas" described two Irish slaves, sent to reconnoiter the hills from Port Jefferson Harbor in the distance where Suffolk Community College is, on top of another moraine or hill, from which one could see the ocean and the barrier beach Fire Island, fit in the later explorations of "Vinland" some as in this current news article, have proposed to be possibly true. "Ironically" some of the testing of the so-called "Vinland" map was done by archaeological chemist Emeritus, Garmon Harbottle of the Brookhaven National Laboratory a few miles to the east of the community college, the college once the site of a sanatorium, the National Laboratory, once WWI, Camp Upton.

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