Thursday, March 03, 2005

Redux: finbacks, ferries and wrong terns (2005)

Not seeing any of the under 100 million makers, its also usually held, the awards, on my birthday March 26, I enjoyed what I saw. The picture about boxing however reminded me of the crooks running the NY Boxing Commission, who have a woman veterinarian on their staff as a fight side physician, who was not at one fight, that resulted in the death of one of the fighters that should have been stopped by the "Fight doctor" and later died of coronary collapse at a hospital. Poor guy. I like that Mohammad Ali's daughter has retained her title. I am ambivalent about it, though my grandfather Lawrence Urquhart used to religiously almost watch his "Boxeo" from Mexico City on the TV here in NYC, which he enjoyed, tough people those Mexican fighters. I spent three days myself with my nose stuffed with packing and a plaster cast on my nose (I finally sneezed, maybe why its a little crooked) when an adopted kid brother of a Golden Gloves, (Mr. Dickens, Mr. McCluskey's kid brother) picked a fight with me and followed me home. My nasion was in about 20 pieces, not trained in that, actually a fencer then. One archaeologist, "Scotty" MacNeish, an elder now, discovered the origins of maize, the prehistoric selection and cultivation, in the Valley of Mexico, resulting in the modern grain, was a Golden Gloves champ (1959?) from the Bronx I think I saw on his resume in a grant writing class, Edward Lanning taught who was advising our National Science Foundation (NSF) on directions of research. Ed Lanning, once of Berkeley University in California, wrote "Peru Before the Incas" and co-authored "Prehispanic America" with Shirley Gorenstein, my friend's R.P.I. graduate advisor in Public Archaeology. I have always been a fan of Clint Eastwood, my friends grew up on Eastwood Blvd., in Centereach, NY where the local library, once one of the top 50 in the country, is also. Thanks Mr. Eastwood for keeping it real. Doug Drexler is probably doing alright, last I heard. Someone donated $3 million to keep "Enterprise" on the air, private space ventures is said. Rickie Schroeder is involved in a Native film, Navaho? "Black Cloud" or something?

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